Les Implacables Rugby Tour

Les Implacables Rugby Tour 2022

Our team of specialists with vast experience on and off the field, Welcomes you to Athens, Greece.

Accommodation Details

Being a proud contributor to Rugby Tourism in Greece we are offering a special package for your custom built  All-Inclusive Stay!

We have secured unique prices at the Candia Hotel!


*Rates do not include tourist tax of 3.00 euro/room/overnight which is payable on the spot upon arrival.*



The Insurance Consultant & Broker Leon Mizan can assist you regarding your travel insurance needs. Feel free to reach him for tailor-made options via email at Lmizan@otenet.gr or direct telephone line +30-6972214377.


Anticipating your arrival for an experience to remember, let's build memories.

Download Schedule

Day 1:  3rd of June, 2022 - Arrival

  • Arrival: Public Transport to the Candia Hotel
  • Accommodation for eight triple rooms for three nights
  • Dinner @ around 20:00 for 24 people
    • Μπαϊρακτάρης- Το Κεντρικο, Μητροπόλεως 71-88, Αθήνα 105 55
  • T-Shirt:  Custom Design for 24 people

Day 2:  4th of June, 2022 - Game Day

  • Free Morning
  • Lunch @ 12:30 - Restaurant Selection by Group Leader
  • Shuttle Bus from Candia Hotel to Glyka Nera Stadium Departure time 16:30
  • Kick-Off:  19:00 for a 15's game
  • Third half:  BBQ & Beers
  • Shuttle Bus from Glyka Nera Stadium to City Center Departure time 21:00
  • Fourth Half:  Several Options to be decided after the game

Day 3:  5th of June, 2022 - Cultural Visit/Beach Day

  • Cultural Walk
    • Acropolis, Plaka - Tickets for the Acropolis - are to be delivered on the game day.
    • Public Gardens Walk Through
    • Panathenaic Stadium Walk to and tickets available at premises
  • Beach day via public transport @ Bolivar Bar

Day 4:  6th of June, 2022 - Departure

  • Back to France with sadness but good memories ;)


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