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Thank you for visiting our website and using our services. The services are provided by Daily Nutrition and Fitness, Agrafon 10, Maroussi, 151 23 Greece.

Please read these Terms of Use carefully before using our site. By using our site, you confirm that you understand and agree with these Terms of Use. If a user disagrees with these Terms, they are advised not to use this site.

1) Terms of Use for your Holiday Your Fitness website

A. Using the website

The content of this site is intended to view and receive product information for commercial purposes. The services offered are available to people over the age of 18. The use of the services implies and guarantees that you meet the legal age limit. The services provided on this website and the application are not medical advice.

The Terms of Use may be modified by Holiday Your Fitness at any time and without notice to be unilaterally revised or revoked, in accordance with its discretion, but of course, at the same time, updating this text after each change or addition. It also reserves the right to establish more specific Terms of Use, which are considered as a set with the present General Terms of Use, but in case of conflict between them, the special Terms of Use prevail. Any void-ability of any of these Terms will not invalidate the remainder of these Terms. The non-application by Holiday Your Fitness of its rights under these Terms does not imply its resignation from these rights, nor does it imply tacit termination. Holiday Your Fitness is not responsible for violation of these terms due to reasons of force majeure such as, for example, earthquakes, fires, floods, extreme weather, strikes,

B. Responsibility

We make every effort to maintain accurate and up-to-date information on our site. For content or information that we adopt and maintain on our site from other sites, we will be liable only if it is proven that there is intentional or gross negligence.
In case of slight negligence, Holiday Your Fitness will be liable only in case of breach of obligations towards customers/users for any damages that may arise from the execution or not of the orders or from the delay in execution, for any reason and also only for the extent of the formally foreseen damage. The above limitations of liability do not apply in case of death or injury to the body or health within the scope of the Greek liability law for our products as well as in the case of express warranties.

Holiday Your Fitness accepts no responsibility for:

  • Variation or delays in connection to the Internet
  • Site malfunction (eg as a result of technical problems or maintenance work)
  • The accuracy or completeness of the information on the site
  • The quality, availability or functionality of the products displayed on the website, nor in terms of their suitability for specific purposes.
  • Damage caused by the use of the site, particularly due to malware (viruses, trojans, and the like).

Holiday Your Fitness does not accept any responsibility for the content of other sites linked to the Holiday Your Fitness website through links. The user is directly responsible for the use of these websites.
The products and equipment displayed on our website are offered without warranties, terms or assurances regarding their quality or functionality. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we exclude the following for us and for all companies associated with the group of companies:
· Any warranty claims or other terms or conditions that might be implied through our site
· Any liability for direct, indirect, or consequential damages that may be suffered by the user in any way in connection with the use of this site, its unavailability or the use of the site linked to our site. Liability is particularly excluded, and this list is not limited to:

  • Loss of work
  • Loss of profits
  • Loss of expected savings
  • Loss of income or turnover
  • Loss of goodwill
  • Excessive administrative expenses or office expenses
  • Loss of data
  • Injuries with or without loss of life

Every customer is responsible to provide their own travel, health, and any other insurance plan or contract. As a company with a strong respect for social responsibility, we offer information for each customer, when and where needed to purchase insurance of any kind.

C. Copyright

All site content (especially text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, etc.) is protected by copyright. Content may not be reproduced, copied, publicly broadcasted, or used in any other way without the prior written permission given by Holiday Your Fitness. Copyright references, reference sources, and brand names may not be changed or removed.

Without the written permission of Holiday Your Fitness, the copying, reproduction, publication, transmission, sale or counterfeiting of Internet content and/or its use for public or commercial purposes is prohibited.
Since the user publishes ideas and suggestions on the site, Holiday Your Fitness can use them free of charge to develop, improve and sell their products.
D. Tasks of the User

When using this site, the User cannot:

  • Use your Holiday Your Fitness website to carry out acts that may result in criminal prosecution or the commencement of any civil or administrative proceedings against it.
  • To transfer malware (viruses, Trojan horses, and the like)
  • Inserting, storing or sending hyperlinks or content for which he/she is not authorized to do so, especially if these hyperlinks or content violate non-disclosure tasks or are illegal.
  • Distribute advertisements or unwanted email messages (spam) or unfounded alerts about viruses, malfunctions, and other related topics, or invitations to contests, recurring letters, pyramid schemes, and other similar campaigns.

Holiday Your Fitness has the right to exclude at any time access to its website, particularly if the User violates his / her duties in relation to the above Terms.

2) Conventional Commitments by the Office

Provision of services according to the program. The office designs, regulates and coordinates the services listed in the program that has been published or in the program agreed with the customers for a price. This price is based on the services described, the exchange rate of foreign currencies with the Euro and the fares, rates, taxes and fees applicable to the design and costing process. The Office reserves the right to vary the prices included in the program in the event of changes in transport costs, fuel and exchange rate changes.

A. Modification of travel data

1) Although the Office is trying to keep its travel plan rigid by designing every detail much earlier, there is a possibility of its modification due to the use of third parties as suppliers over which it has no direct control, such as airlines and shipping companies, hotels, transport and other tourism businesses that may not meet their obligations. Because of its purely mediatory role, the responsibilities of the Office are only identified in cases of omissions and organizational weaknesses. Despite this clear mediation role, the Office is making every effort to meet the needs of its customers, but it cannot be held accountable for abnormalities that it cannot predict or control such as:

        a) Any changes or modifications occurring before and during the various stages of a travel from the services of the airline and transport companies and agencies (delays, cancellations, aircraft type changes, overbooking, baggage loss, etc.);
        b) Accidents, diseases or unpleasant organic effects from climatic conditions, inability to adapt to different time zones, altitude, epidemics, food poisoning or inadequate cleanliness.
        c) Changes to any service or to the whole program, due to "force majeure" (war or threat of war, natural disasters, terrorist acts, strikes, political turmoil, etc.).
        d) Worn, lost or stolen luggage, personal belongings, money or travel documents and any consequence of a criminal or other pertinent offenses.

2) Before the trip, the office reserves the right to modify the program of the trip and to adjust its price. In this case, the traveller may cancel his/her participation and be repaid with the prepaid money without any further claim. During the excursion, its leader reserves the right to modify part or all of it if he/she considers this to be in the best interest of the participants and serves towards the best execution of the general program. All extra expenses (extra nights, meals, transfers, etc.) resulting from the modification of part or all of the program due to extraordinary events or force majeure outside the Office's control shall be borne exclusively by the participants. The Office reserves the right to change the hotel listed on the program with a hotel of the same category.

3) About «Local Friends». The Office builds the schedule and details of each trip with the help of the local friend in the country of destination. Then the local friend is defined as the guide of the excursion as long as it agrees with his/her personal schedule. Otherwise, the office designates another one than the one listed in the tour description.

B. Cancellation of an excursion

The Office has the right to cancel the trip due to a small participation no later than three days prior to departure. An excursion may also be cancelled for reasons of force majeure or for reasons that the Office deems appropriate. In these cases, it suggests another trip of the same price and quality. If the customer does not accept then the amount paid is refunded. No other claim is acknowledged or accepted.

C. Excursion Obligations

Every participant is responsible for the validity, safeguarding and storage of all travel documents necessary to participate in the excursion (passport, visas, certificates, licenses, visas, etc.) and no liability is borne by the office. If the Office is responsible for securing the necessary documents, the Office shall not be liable in case of delay or inability to issue them. Participants are required to make honest and genuine statements to the competent authorities before and during the trip. In the event that the authorities do not allow the exit or entry to a participant either because of a false declaration or a ban or restrictions imposed on him, then the participant is not entitled to the refund of any money he/she has paid to the office. The basic obligation of the participants is their timely access to certain places and times according to the program. In the case of delay of the participant and his/her late arrival at the specified place or time for the execution of the program (such as guided tours, transfers, flights, meals), the leader has the right to leave, resulting to the participant missing the event without being entitled any compensation or refund. In this case, the participant must reconnect with the group at his/her own expense.

D. Payment of Participation Fees

To be valid, any entry must be accompanied by an amount equal to 100% of the value of the tour. The statement of participation is made by the participant or the participants' representatives (group tours of bodies, clubs, individuals etc.). Reservations through the telephone or other means that are not validated by an advance payment are not valid and do not bind the Office. Statement of participation may also be made in third-party offices (who act as "vendors") working with the Office and who are obliged to issue relevant documents contractually bound to the Customer, again under the condition of the payment of the entire amount. Upon payment of the value of the trip and the issue and receipt of the relevant documents, there is the contractual commitment of the contractors, the Office, and the Customer. By submitting the application form, either directly to the Office by the interested party or its agent or by bank transfer, or through another travel agency, the participants automatically accept all the participation conditions listed here. The receipt of payment, to all participants, is granted after the end of the trip.

E. Cancellation of participation

If the Participant Customer or Customer Group Representative or any Participant decides to cancel his/her participation, he/she must declare this in writing or by email. The cancellation is valid from the day of receipt of the notice. The Office to provide the necessary services to carry out the excursion usually pays in advance (travel costs, hotels, bookings, etc.). In the event of cancellation, the Customer shall bear the full amount paid.

F. Excursion and Transportation services

  1. Hotels: The category of hotels mentioned in the program is in agreement with the tourist organization of the country to which they belong. However, since there is no single international criterion for this classification, it is reasonable for the hotels to be different, even if they belong to the same category. According to the international terms, the hotel rooms are received after 14:00 and delivered until 12:00 at noon, regardless of the time of arrival or departure of the tenants.
  2. Nutrition: in the case of half-board (breakfast and main meal), the choice of lunch or dinner is made according to the schedule of each day. Dinner meals can be had outside of the hotel.

G. Complaints

The Office has designed and desires the complete, program-based, provision of services agreed with the Clients. If there are any problems during the trip, the customer has the right to submit his/her complaints in writing within seven (7) days of the return date. Claims for personal injury resulting from non-performance or poor performance of the travel arrangements are limited in accordance with the provisions of the international conventions on liability which bind Greece and govern the benefits in question.

  1. Air Transport: Warsaw Convention 1912
  2. Maritime transport: Bern Convention 1974
  3. Road Transport: EU Legislation
  4. Hotel accommodation: Paris Convention 1962. With regards to other damages (other than personal injuries) resulting from the non-performance or poor performance of the travel arrangements, the compensation is limited to the reimbursement of the value of the non-received benefit. Competent tribunals for any legal claims for damages are determined by the Greek Courts and in particular, the Courts that are in the jurisdiction of the Office in Athens.

Participation to the excursion automatically declares acceptance of the general terms and conditions.

Greece, November 2018


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