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Holiday Your Fitness offers vacation packages and participation tickets for fitness enthusiasts to discover a new destination and do their favorite fitness activities with their family, friends or colleagues. What a better way to recharge your batteries, collect memories and return home feeling like a whole new you, ready to plan your next Holiday Your Fitness event. Our packages are built to enrich your mental and physical well being.The Holiday Your Fitness Team is by your side. Choose one of the vacation packages, event tickets or create your own custom-made experience!

Your Fitness

Our ancestors speak the truth, a healthy mind in a healthy body. This is how we live and approach life. Our team of current and ex athletes understand your needs to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to bring this passion through our active, history filled and fun holiday packages. From the people who work out for fun to world class athletes our team can cater any requirements, and help you enjoy your holidays, without skipping a beat from your workout!

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Combine them all

Delicious local food, innovative training schedules and magnificent location to stay and visit. This is what makes Holiday Your Fitness unique!


Let us know your sport and activities and we will build it for you!

Holiday Training


The Local Culture awaits your exploration.

Holiday Food


Select your star, and be our guest!

Holiday Hotel

Try the unique Holiday Your Fitness experience

Make the vacation period count giving you a taste of relaxation, top level coaching and culture experience all in one!

World travelers

No matter where you are coming from, our desire is the same, to stay on track with the training schedule.

Unique destinations

Our team has traveled to over 50 destinations around the globe, we know what it means to make new experiences.

Easy Payments

Booking has never been safer, quicker and easier via our online payment process utilizing paypal and all major credit cards.

Lowest Price

Holiday your fitness and pay less! We strive to provide you the best at the lowest price possible.

Choosing us

We understand your needs as we are also traveling the world for sporting events or for casual fitness. This idea was created from our desire to stay active as we are enjoying our holidays. Us Greeks are known for our great hospitality, so let us be the guide to your adventure. Most importantly, feeling like a local, in a foreign place, is what we want you to experience.

Handpicked Hotels

Courtesy and care are not expensive, they are free! This is who we are and this is what we deliver. We are there for you looking after your every need.

World Class Service

Going on vacation can be very costly. Choose one of our different packages, affordable for everyone.

Best Price Guarantee

Our knowledge is understanding the need of world class hospitality yet always selecting what is the best value your money can buy.

Plan your holidays

All we need from you is to find the time period you will be travelling as well as the numbers of friends or family members you will be bringing along. Selecting the package is simple and can become as rigid or customized as you wish.


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