Women's Golf Day

The international celebration of golf empowered by Women!

WOMEN'S GOLF DAY returns for its second year in Greece on Saturday, June 1, 2024, at Glyfada Golf Course.

The event is powered by the Hellenic Heritage Evolution promising to deliver an even more successful event.

Over 84 countries worldwide will share this event giving the spotlight to Women Golfers - Join THE event of the year with the undeniable success of last year's WOMEN'S GOLF DAY GREECE Event.

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A global movement
Women's Day Golf 2023 received visibility from Athens, Greece to Times Square New York City, USA, and from the United Arab Emirates to Japan, and will surpass expectations this year.

Women from all over the world come together, form teams, and play golf for a good cause, supporting women's empowerment and encouraging women's entrepreneurship.

Women of any age unite to play in the Golf Tournament whereas those who would like to learn the sport can participate in golf clinics, respectively!


Give Back
Part of the proceeds from the Greek event will be donated to the charitable purpose of the Association of Friends of Children with Cancer "ELPIDA."

The Association "ELPIDA-Friends of Children with Cancer" was founded in 1990 by a group of dynamic women, with Mrs. Marianna V. Vardinogianni as President.

Since its establishment until today, "ELPIDA" has implemented a comprehensive framework of care and support for children with cancer and their families, sensitizing the entire Greek nation, which embraces its vision and becomes a supporter of its work.

After the passing of Mrs. Marianna Vardinogianni, a dynamic working woman, mother, and wife, her granddaughter, Marianna Goulandri Vardinogianni, takes over her work.


The Gala
Following the closing of the Golf Event, a charity dinner will be held with significant participation from the shipping industry, commerce, and other businesses. The awards and commemorative plaques will be presented to the sponsors and supporters of the event along with a surprise artist, who will be announced soon, along with the daily program of the event.

Download Schedule

2 Nights Stay

Day 1: Arrival in Greece (Athens International Airport)

  • Transfer Pick Up
  • Check in to the NHL Kerameikos Hotel 
  • Welcome Drink  - Walk around and relax from the trip
  • Free Evening

Day 2: Event Day

Day 3: Departure from Greece (Athens International)

  • Breakfast at the Hotel
  • Check Out
  • Transfer to the Airport

*Additional nights and other travel arrangements can be scheduled upon request 45 days prior to the initial arrival date


  • Transfers to and from the airport and the Venue
  • Golf Day for the Venue
  • Golf Clinics
  • Separate Open Golf Tourney
  • Accommodation
    • Breakfast Included
    • Double / Single Rooms *other options available upon request
  • Transfers
    • Vehicle: Mercedes Benz (E-Class, V-Class, Limo MiniBus, Sprinter AvantGarde)
    • Color: Black
    • Meet & Greet
    • English speaking Chauffeurs/Drivers
    • Flight Monitoring Tracking
    • Vehicle, driver, fuel, toll fees, parking fees, vehicle/pass. insurance
    • Complimentary bottled water
    • Complimentary Waiting Time
      • Airports: 60mins
      • Hotels & Other Places: 15mins


  • Child Seats (infant/child/booster)
  • Night Shift Surcharges: 23:00 - 06:00
  • Meals (Lunch and Dinner)
  • Beverages (except Water)

Accommodation Terms and Conditions


  • A deposit of 30% of the total accommodation charge is required up to 45 days before arrival.
  • A deposit of 20% of the remaining accommodation charge is required up to 25 days before arrival.
  • Full remaining accommodation balance is required up to 10 days before arrival.



For Entire Group Cancellation

  • From 44 up to 26 days before arrival, you forfeit 30% of the accommodation portion of the booking, the initial deposit.
  • From 25 up to 11 days before arrival, you forfeit 50% of the accommodation portion of the booking including the initial deposit.
  • Within 10 days of arrival, you forfeit 100% of the accommodation portion of the booking including the initial deposit.

For Partial Group Cancellation

  • From 44 up to 26 days before arrival, 10% of the total number of room nights can be canceled free of charge. / For any Cancellations in addition to this, you will be charged 30% of the total room nights charge.
  • From 25 up to 11 days before arrival, 10% of the total number of room nights can be canceled free of charge. / For any Cancellations in addition to this, you will be charged 50% of the total room nights charge.
  • From 10 days prior to arrival date, for any room cancellation, or Non-Show, or Early Check-Out, 100 % of the total accommodation cost will be charged as cancellation fees.

Hotel Details


NLH Kerameikos is a 35-room hotel, spread across 7 floors, that brings alive the storied history of Athens' ancient potter's settlement with an edgy urban aesthetic.

Encapsulating the ethos of this gentrified district, the hotel is surrounded by Athens' most recognizable landmarks – from the majestic Acropolis to Pnyx where spirited orators like Pericles debated, the majestic dome of the National Observatory looming above the city and the fiery red obelisk-shaped chimneys of the old gas factory.

The decor reflects the rebellious street art that colors the city's facades with muralist Billy Z's stunning 15-metre-high artwork dominating the light shaft, lending its own narrative to contemporary Greek life.


  • The above rates include VAT, city tax, and Continental Buffet Breakfast.
  • It's important to be aware that the mentioned rates do not include the accommodation tax of 0.50 € per room per night.
  • Additionally, please note that the Accommodation tax may be increased in 2024


 To participate in the races requires full acceptance of regulations:

  1. Visitors competing should understand that they are moving in an open, exposed to particular weather conditions that will prevail on that particular day of the golfing.
  2. Men (only as guests) and women (as guests and contestants) of all ages are accepted.
  3. Valid participation is considered to be valid after it has been paid off financially.
  4. Participants are obliged to fully comply with the regulations set by the host. They are also obliged to obey the suggestions of the individuals (eg. volunteers, reviewers) designated by the host. Failure to comply with the regulations or instructions will result in an exclusion penalty, with no refund or any other costs. Any person authorized by the event manager may record any infringement that he has perceived and report it to the event manager.
  5. Athletes are involved at their own risk and the organizing authority is not responsible for any injuries they may have, as stated in the statement of responsibility or here. However, qualified medical personnel and a fully equipped ambulance will be available. 
  6. Participants must have been examined by a physician who has judged them capable of participating in the particular event. Medical advice must not be older than 30 days from the last day of the event. 
  7. The regulations about COVID-19 testing and any other current health-related issues are based on the government's announcements. We cannot take responsibility and announce anything in advance because rules about testing are constantly changing.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to dispose of any kind of object during the whole event, such as plastic bottles or any other solid or liquid food packaging material used by visitors during their stay. Disposal of packaging materials or other non-organic waste anywhere on the route beyond the predetermined, carries an exclusion penalty, no refund, or any other costs.
  9. Visitor exclusion occurs for a) Pollution of the site. b) Inappropriate behavior towards the organizing staff. c) Non-compliance with these Regulations.
  10. The organizers are not responsible for the deaths, injuries, or any damage to the health of the participants who, upon submitting their request for participation, declare that they are aware of the risks involved including those allegedly attributed to the negligent acts or omissions of the foregoing that their health status is good and allows them to participate, and they have recently been examined by a doctor on this subject. However, no participant will be required to submit a medical certificate. They are obliged to perform regular medical checkups to check their health status. The event managers disclaim any responsibility for the physical integrity of the participants, who should behave responsibly at any dangerous points on the route. The organizers disclaim any financial responsibility in the event of outside assistance to any visitor.
  11. Participants consent to be featured in photographs or any other media from the event, which shall be used exclusively to promote the event.
  12. The organizers have the authority to modify the rules and regulations of the event, with no further notice.
  13. The platform will use the email registered for future announcements and additional marketing material.  An opt-out option is always available.


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