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Greece Welcomes You!

Greece is a world of beauty on its own, from the magnificent beaches and beach bars to the safe allies leading to the restaurants of the world-renowned Greek food!  Traveling through Athens and the islands, one thing will always be available, the hospitable lifestyle.  Enjoy your daily program and always quench your thirst with the local fruit juices and dine with the local fresh flavors, your body will thank you for it.


Your Trip will start with you landing at the capital's airport, Eleftherios Venizelos.  there you will be greeted by a member of our staff who will escort you to the hotel with our private bus.

You will spend the first 2 days in Athens sightseeing some of the most important landmarks in history such as the Kallimarmaron stadium, visiting local gyms to keep your body and mind active, tasting local traditional food and drinks as well as learning about the Greek culture and language. The next stop is Paros island which combines beautiful landscape with proper Greek nightlife for every kind of traveler!


Arriving in Athens, you will find yourself admiring the beautiful weather and fresh atmosphere Greece is known for.

The schedule includes training at a local gym/field, eating at a traditional Greek restaurant, sightseeing in Athens, and all of these with the guidance of our experts! Athens is never enough but we will make sure that you meet your expectations.

The next destination is Paros, an island in the Aegean sea, well known for its beaches and traditional villages. The schedule includes training, water sports, relaxing on the beach or dancing at the beach bar, having dinner at a local taverna, and of course, it's on you to build your own memories.

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Day 1: Welcome to Athens

  • Arriving by midday should be perfect.
  • Getting to the Hotel
  • Receiving your “Welcome Pack” includes:
    - 1 protein bar
    - 1 fresh fruit (apple/banana)
    - 1 bottle of water (500ml)
    - 1 “Holiday Your Fitness” t-shirt
    - 1 “Holiday Your Fitness” hat
    - 1 cell phone for the group leader with a greek sim card
  • Training at a local gym in Athens (60’ session)
  •  Dinner at a greek local restaurant with a fixed-price menu
  • 1 complimentary drink at a local bar

Day 2: Tour in Athens

  • Acropolis (Parthenon temple)
  • Acropolis Museum
  • Lunch or dinner at a local taverna with a fixed price menu
  • Panathinaikos Stadium
  • Training at Filopappou hill
  • Rest for a couple of hours
  • Free night out

Day 3: Departure and arrival at the Island

  • Depart for the island of Paros in the morning
  • Arrive at the island and check in to the hotel
  • A fruit basket will await you at the hotel room
  • Lunch or dinner at a local taverna with a fixed price menu
  • Time at the beach and water sports (20’ session/person)
    - Additional sessions can be arranged beforehand or at the time
  • 1 complimentary drink at a bar

Day 4 - 5: Days at the island

  • Morning training (60’ session)
  • A fruit basket will await you at the hotel room
  • Free time at the beach
  • Water sports (20’ session/person)
  • Lunch or dinner at a local taverna with a fixed price menu
  • Rest for a couple of hours
  • 1 complimentary drink at a bar

Day 6: Last day at the island

  • Return to Athens by midday
  • Free day in Athens
  • Lunch or dinner at a local taverna with a fixed price menu
  • Going away gift at the hotel

Day 7: Departure

  • Depart for airport or port back to the city of origin
    - Hiring a local escort or a van will save you some time moving around.


  • Tour Guide 
  • Water 
  • Fruits
  • Coach/Trainer
  • Cell Phone for Group Leader


  • Nike Dri-FIT Park VII Collectible T-shirt (extra price 19.90€)
  • Towels for the Beach

t’ s my first trip with the “Holiday Your Fitness” team. Are there any small letters I should know about?
There are no traps or small letters. Our job is to make your experience unique and give you the opportunity to exercise, eat and have fun as locals do! Every service that we provide with the extra cost is referred to in the extras area at home page and can be selected before paying for your trip. You should also read the Inclusions - Exclusions section of the package to be sure that you have everything you need!

Can I book a trip for more than one person?
Of course, you can! When selecting the trip and before selecting the extra services you can choose how many people are going to be on your trip.

Is there a discount for underage or students?
There is no discount for underage or students as every service you book at the starter price is at its lowest possible priced booked for you.

Can you skip some parts of the scheduled program?
Of course, you can… You are a free person! Our goal is to make your time count. So if you want to relax some more time or meet with friends you are able to skip some parts of the scheduled program. Unfortunately, there is no refund if you cancel a tour, a training or a scheduled meal though.

Can I purchase an extra service on spot?
Of course, you can if the service is available at the time.

What will the weather be like in Greece?
May is almost the start of the summer in Greece so rain or below 20 C would be a big surprise for everyone. In the day time temperatures are generally in the low 20s, the maximum is usually around 40 C. At night it can get down to around 25 C.

Can you arrange meals for specific dietary requirements?
We’ re sure we can. Just let us know your requirements and we’ ll make sure you’ re well looked after.


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