Elafonisos Run 2023 - Weekend

"Καλώς ήρθατε στον επίγειο παράδεισο της Ελαφόνησου"

Discover the island of Elafonisos, Greece through the Holiday Your Fitness Experience!

Simos Beach is the most majestic destination of the Mediterranean.

Arrive for the race, and depart with a one-of-a-kind travel experience!

Land in Athens and spend three days exploring and appreciating the unique destinations.  Kick back and enjoy the drive through the countryside to Elafonisos for four days at what most call "heaven on earth".  Driving back to Athens will give you the opportunity to start missing the destination but allow you to enjoy another two nights in the city that has always something happening!

PLEASE!  When you get back home, don't keep talking about the trip, it will make everyone jealous!!!


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"Καλώς ήρθατε στον επίγειο παράδεισο της Ελαφόνησου"

Welcome to the earthly paradise of Elafonisos"

Elafonisos is the place to relax and be active, making you feel more alive than ever.

Participate in the Elafonisos Run 2023, swim through the crystal clear waters of Simos beach, and eat fresh local food for a trifactor of total relaxation for your body and mind.

The official tour operator of the Elafonisos Run 2023, hosted in Elafonisos, Greece, Welcomes you!



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DATES:  June 2nd to June 4th, 2023

June 2nd

  • Drive down to Elafonisis - Enjoy the ride
  • Take some photos
  • Settle into the Hotel 
  • Enjoy dinner by the historic Seaport 

June 3rd

  • Race Day!
  • Wake up early and hit the Race - Coastline casual run
  • Enjoy the magnificent Simos Beach...enjoy!

June 4th

  • Relax by the sea...enjoy the calmness...



  • Accommodation
  • Race ticket
  • Medical Staff
  • Fruits
  • Water Bottles

Extra Purchase


  • Additional Tours (extra destinations)
  • Beach towels

I’ m a first-time runner can I still take part?
Absolutely. This is a community race, you are running with others, for others. If you need to walk then walk, take in the sights and enjoy the atmosphere, this is about enjoying the race, not becoming a champion. There are two distances to choose from (1, 5 km, 10 km ) so you can choose the race that best suits you. When you take on the challenge, forget about your split times and revel in that finishing line feeling, however long it takes.

What if I’m unable to finish the race?
We will give each participant a total of 2 hours to complete the course. At this time we will collect any runners who are still out on the course and bring them to the finishing line with plenty of water, snacks, and hugs. If at any point you wish to stop, just make it to the next aid station to inform one of our volunteers or, if you want to stop right there, let a fellow runner know to inform him instead. There will be staff observing the course to ensure everyone is alright.

What will the weather be like during the race week?
The first days of July are almost the heart of the summer in Greece so rain or temperature below 20C would be a big surprise for everyone. In the daytime temperatures are generally in the low 28s, the maximum is usually around 32-35 C. At night it can get down to 24C.

Will there be medical support?
Yes, we will have qualified staff for this reason.

Are there water stations along the way?
Water stations will be roughly every 2.5 km. They will be stocked with water and bananas. If you have particular energy bars and drinks that you love then bring them along with you. We advise runners to wear a hat and carry water and energy snacks with them – it’s a course with little shade after all.

Is there a discount for underage students?
There is no discount for underage students as every service you book at the starter price is at its lowest possible price booked for you.


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