Online 3on3 Competition

3on3 Beach Challenge goes ONLINE!

Build a team of 3 and we will bring the competition to you - Online!

Keep it simple: Pick the division (GearED / BODYWEIGHT) to compete in, choose the landscape (we suggest the beach), and get it done! 

  • GearED Up: Dumbbells, kettlebells, wall balls, and plyoboxes are all you need!*
  • BODYWEIGHT: Just you and your buddies and a jump rope!

Three weeks with three challenging workouts to get you working fast, hard, and breathless for a chance to be amongst the 8 money prize winners of each division!

*GearED Up equipment:

  • 3xDumbbells @ 25/15kgs (M/F)
  • 1xKettlebells @ 24/16 kgs (M/F)
  • 1xWall Ball @ 9/6 kgs (M/F)
  • 1xPlyobox 60*50*40 cm 

The competition is online and will run for three weeks, from the end of September to the middle of October.

We have to adjust to the new reality and we want to enjoy this online event as much as you do.

To be amongst the eight (8) cash prize winners* you must first pick your team, then choose a category (GearED Up or Bodyweight) and for the best part, pick your arena!  The stage is yours, the gym, the park, the beach!

For the 6th year, the 3on3 Beach Challenge is the ultimate fitness event of the summer taking place...anywhere you wish!

Create your team and reserve your spot now!


*The first 3 winners of each category win free participation in the LIVE Event of 2021.
All participants in the online competition win a 20% discount on the 2021 Live Event.

20 Oct | Score Submission Opens @ 23:59 Athens, Greece time (+2GMT)

21 Oct | Registrations are closing

25 Oct | WOD 1 Score Submission closes @ 23:59 Athens, Greece time (+2GMT)

01 Nov| WOD 2 Score Submission closes @ 23:59 Athens, Greece time (+2GMT)

07 Nov| WOD 3 Score Submission closes @ 23:59 Athens, Greece time (+2GMT) 





  • 3on3 beach challenge participation ticket
  • 3on3 beach challenge t-shirt (pick up from particular location)
  • Discounts from our Sponsors to purchase the equipment necessary for the GearED Up division


  • Choice of location - this is entirely up to you!

The 3on3 challenge is all about working out and testing your fitness in a different way with your team and friends!  This year we want you to feel the excitement of competition and the joy of being...anywhere you wish!  Summer is on and being hydrated during the workouts is essential.  

Additional Info

  • Confirmation will be sent to you after booking.

Prizes for the winners

  • Cash Prizes for the top 8 finishers
  • Gear Up credit for the top 3 Winners
  • The first 3 winners of each category win free participation in the LIVE Event of 2021.
  • All participants in the online competition win a 20% discount on the 2021 Live Event.

Are there different levels for the teams that compete?
No.  All the teams will compete at the same level in different divisions. Division M:3 male athletes. Division Mixed: Any combination of sex. Division F:3 Females.

Will all divisions be paid out regardless of the number of teams competing?

No, only divisions with 28 teams and above will be paid out with the More the Merrier type program (up to 8 winners). Divisions with less than 28 teams will have less than 8 cash prize winners.

What if one member of the team is unable to compete?
A member of the team can be replaced by someone else 1 day before the event. In case of an injury, the team can compete with 2 athletes. Once the first workout is completed and submitted, no replacement can be made.

What will the weather be like during the “online 3on3 beach challenge” 3 weeks?
We don't care because this competition can be completed anywhere!

Please be safe and ALWAYS train safely!

 To participate in the Challenge requires full acceptance of regulations:

  1. Men and women of all ages are accepted.
  2. Participants who have not reached 18 years of age are required to submit a statement from their parents.
  3. Valid participation is considered to be valid after it has been paid off financially.
  4. The entry fee is €96 (early bird) per team subscription (3 people) until August 25th. From August 26th until October 20th (last day of entry) the entry fee will be €119.
  5. Any participant who decides to cancel/postpone his/her participation is not entitled to a refund.
  6. The event will take place online for three Weeks from October 20th till November 07th, 2020.
  7. The rules and the type of events are described on the competition's website, which is an integral part of this regulation.
  8. Participants are obliged to fully comply with the regulations set by the organizer. They are also obliged to obey the suggestions of the individuals (eg. volunteers, reviewers) designated by the organizer. Failure to comply with the regulations or instructions will result in the exclusion penalty, with no refund or any other costs. Any person authorized by the event manager may record any infringement that he has perceived and report it to the event manager.
  9. Any marking of the space provided by the event manager is temporary, intended to serve the participants and is removed after the event.
  10. Participants must have been examined by a physician who has judged them capable of participating for the particular event. Medical advice must not be older than 30 days from the last day of the event.
  11. The event manager undertakes to supervise the field of play with specialized personnel in safety, rescue and medical assistance to the participants in need. In cases where security personnel and referees indicate to athletes that the event must be stopped for safety reasons, the latter is obliged to obey. Non-compliance means exclusion, no refund or any other costs.
  12. In case of need, the event manager reserves the right to postpone the start of the event in order not to endanger the physical integrity of the participants. In very extreme conditions he can cancel the event.
  13. Participant exclusion occurs for: a) Pollution of the site. b) Inappropriate behavior towards the organizing staff. c) Inappropriate behavior towards the spectators of the event. d) Non-compliance with these Regulations.
  14. The organizers are not responsible for the deaths, injuries or any damage to the health of the participants who, upon submitting their request for participation, declare that they are aware of the risks involved including those allegedly attributed to the negligent acts or omissions of the foregoing that their health status is good and allows them to participate, and they have recently been examined by a doctor on this subject. However, no participant will be required to submit a medical certificate. They are obliged to perform regular medical checkups in order to check their health status. The event managers disclaim any responsibility for the physical integrity of the participants, who should behave responsibly at any dangerous points on the route. The organizers disclaim any financial responsibility in the event of outside assistance to any athlete.
  15. Participants consent to be featured in photographs or any other media from the event, which shall be used exclusively to promote the event.
  16. A minimum of sixty percent (60%) capacity must be met for each category or division to take place.
  17. A minimum of twenty-eight (28) teams must be met for each category or division to be declared 8 winners.
  18. The organizers have the authority to modify the rules and regulations of the event, with no further notice.  


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